Purveyors of ferrous and non ferrous metals, castings & patterns

An industry leader and specialist.

Who we are

Winton Castings and Patterns is owned and managed by Michael Winton, an industry leader and specialist with over 20 years industry experience. Located in Ballarat in Victoria, Winton Castings and Patterns have proved to be very successful with a significantly loyal client list, that is ever growing and very complimentary of the services that Winton Castings and Patterns is able to provide.

Our Services
  • Pattern making specializing in timber epoxy and polyurethane patterns
  • Pattern repairs and alterations, development of new pattern equipment
  • Manufacture and supply of the BILMIC single and double head hydrant
  • Custom solutions for all casting and pattern making requirements
  • We offer a complete range of machining and various type of manufacturing capabilities
  • We do all types machining of metal , ferrous – non ferrous alloy steel, aluminium, brass, bronze, nylon
Fire Parts